Asset Recovery

We have all heard that if it sounds too good to be true
. . . it probably is.

Well, rest assured, this is not one of “those” things, and if you give us the opportunity, we’ll prove to you the funds we have identified are yours.

We can recover on average up to 60 % of debt and unclaimed funds regardless of age..

All our cases are very time sensitive, in most cases we only have a short window of up to 60 days to file the necessary legal paperwork with the courts before all hopes of retrieving any funds are lost.

Time is NOT on your side…..

Give us a call or email and let us show you what our research has uncovered. Our representatives audit government agencies throughout the country, digging through their archives and closed records in search of lost, missing, and unclaimed accounts.

If you have received an email, or telephone call from our organization, it’s because we’ve located funds or delinquent debt we believe belong to you and that we can recover them.

If we have identified debit owing to you or your company then we will recover a portion back to you GUARANTEED.
It is vital that you act quickly, because these funds are held for only a brief period of time, after which the agency responsible, in many cases is permitted to seize them through a process called “escheatment.”

Our representatives are constantly auditing government agencies throughout the country, digging through their databases, in search of unclaimed accounts.

If you have been contacted by Premiernote.

  • It is NOT a random event
  • It is NOT a cold call
  • It is a very specific and statistic

  • Contact us to recover your unclaimed funds or delinquent debt.