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Please provide us with a tape detailing the specific information according to the corresponding asset type.

Asset Type SFR Pools;

– Property Type & Loan Purpose (i.e. Refi, Purchase)
– Current Interest Rate & Original Loan Amount.
– Current Balance or Unpaid Principal Balance.
– First Pay Date & Maturity Date.
– When were Appraisals last done & lien position on each loan.
– Doc Type & Credit / FICO (helpful but not needed).
– Legal status on asset.

Asset Type SFR Second Mortgage Pools;

– Specifies Closed Ended or Open Ended product.
– 2nd Loan Amount, Document Type & Property Type.
– Term, Monthly Payment & 1st Loan Amount
– CLTV & Credit / FICO
– Occupancy status & Days in delinquency.

Asset Type Commercial Mortgage Pools;

– Current Unpaid Balance, Original Loan Balance & Current Interest Rate.
– Loan Type (Fixed, ARM, Balloon, Fully AM).
– Interim/Life Rate Cap & Interim/Life Rate Floor.
– Index & Interest Rate Margin – Next Rate/PMT Adj. Rate
– First Payment Date, Payment Frequency, Next Payment Due Date & Balloon Date.
– Maturity/Amortization Date, Prepay Lockout & Penalty & Lien Position (1st, 2nd)
– LTV & Combined LTV, Appraised Value Date & Occupancy Status,
– Recourse Status, Credit Score (FICO) & Legal Status
– Borrower Name & Borrower Type (Individual, Corp, Partnership, Etc.)
– Property Address & Type (Multi, Retail, Office, Industrial)
– 12 Month Payment History & Effective Date on all data

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