About Us

Premiernote is a boutique real estate investment firm focused on the acquisition of residential / commercial mortgage pools in the secondary market. Through our strategic partners, we are also able to offer capital solutions for challenging commercial real estate financing situations. Some of the solutions we are able to offer our sponsors include, debt and or equity for the acquisition of commercial real estate assets from the $2- 50 million range.

Our strong industry relationships, creative thinking and exceptional service coupled with over 15 years of real estate investing and financing experience enables us to provide top notch services in the following areas ;

Bulk Asset Purchases and Loan Acquisitions

Premiernote provides liquidity to lenders, whether you are a Hard Money Lender, Commercial Bank, Investment Bank, Community Bank, Regional Banks , Credit Union or a Private Investor. Premiernote is your primary source for getting distressed assets off your balance sheets, our methodology is streamlined , and our process easy. Click here to find out more information about our process for purchasing Bulk REO assets.

Capital Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Deals

Premiernote commercial real estate lending platform main objective is to provide creative and flexible financing solutions for our commercial real estate sponsors, that are not available through traditional sources. Backed by our capital partners and various private banking institutions we are always ready to fulfill all your financing needs at a moments notice.

Some of our Solutions include ;

  • Hard Money Lending: Bridge Loans, Distressed and Value-Added Opportunities
  • First Trust Deed Debt, Bridge Financing
  • Mezzanine: Junior Mortgages & Participating Debt/Equity
  • Equity: High Leverage Mezzanine, Preferred Equity
  • Debtor-In-Possession Loans (DIP).
  • Note Repurchases
  • Bulk REO & Note Acquisition Financing