Debtor In Possession Financing

Premiernote Capital Partners are here to help companies who are in jeopardy and are currently going through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. Chapter 11 bankruptcy gives a company a chance at reorganizing their business so that it may have second life. At Premiernote Capital Partners, we specialize in assisting real estate owners and operators who are experience financial trouble by providing them with a debtor in procession financing. Debtor in possession financing (DIP) is a loan that helps companies reorganize, while paying their priority debts. This helps you fulfill all your debts that are required to pay under Chapter 11.

Why do you need debtor in possession financing ?

A DIP loan helps you secure cash to make pay roll and pay for up front business costs. We specialize in real estate investments. If you need a bridge loan to help you secure a property, we can help you. If you are in Chapter 11, our DIP loan will help you increase your cash flow. At Premiernote we provide a specialized, structured financing products exclusively for real estate and real estate-related assets facing interim balance sheet challenges.

Why pick Premiernote Capital Partners ?

Many banks are skittish about loaning money to companies who are in financial trouble. We are a real estate investment firm who knows that a good r-eorganization can help increase the odds of a company’s success. We are willing to make an investment in your real estate future. We believe our clients deserve a second chance. That is why we are primed to help you with debtor in possession financing.

What we need to get the process started ?

-Copy Of Original Operating Agreement / Entity Docs
-Copy Of The Bankruptcy Filing
-Financials Of The Property ( This usually includes the Current NOI and the ProForma NOI)
-Details Of The Debt Stack
-We Would Also Like To Know How The DIP Loan Would Be Used And The Proposed Plan Of Action Once Out Of BK

If you have any scenarios you’d like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us.