Capital Solutions

Premiernote Capital Partners LLC is a private lending institution that caters to commercial real estate borrowers of income producing properties. We provide efficient, professional and flexible service to borrowers that need short term bridge financing.

Our service is not limited by boundaries and can be accessed from anywhere in the United States. As opposed to traditional lenders, our borrowers who employ our services can expect to get a timely and reliable response to their request for financing. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to your real estate deals and so we accomplish our efficiency goal by approving loans within very short periods.

Commercial Real Estate Lending Solutions:

  • Hard Money Lending: Bridge Loans, Distressed and Value-Added Opportunities
  • First Trust Deed Debt, Bridge Financing,
  • Mezzanine: Junior Mortgages & Participating Debt/Equity
  • Equity: High Leverage Mezzanine, Preferred Equity
  • Note Repurchases
  • Bulk REO & Note Acquisition Financing
  • Debtor-In-Possession Loans (DIP).

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